Superhero Spiderman costumeThese superhero costumes are the best I found online because of the colors, styles and variety. They are available for both boys and girls in all sizes. On Halloween people like to dress up as famous people or popular movie characters. Dressing up for the festival is not limited only to the young; the older people also like to take this opportunity to dress up as the superhero they adore.

The popular costumes include the following characters:

  1. Superman Costume – The hero that everyone is familiar with. You can find simple ones or the costumes that go a bit overboard with the bulging muscles. No harm in looking big if you have a small frame.
  2. Spiderman Costume – Most variations of this costume are more or less alike. They generally differ in the size if the eye-holes and the existence of fake muscles. A popular variation is the Black Spiderman costume based on the latest movie.
  3. Wonder Woman Costume – Another superhero from the DC comics universe. This character represents the female potential and is symbolic of the strength and power associated with Superman. These costumes come in many variations ranging from the traditional to the hip.
  4. Batgirl Costume – She’s the female equivalent of Batman and symbolizes woman power. The Batgirl costume is best described as black leather that has been poured like paint over the body of batgirl.
  5. Black Widow Costume – She’s the famous red-haired Russian spy from the movies Iron Man 2 and Avengers. Her sleek-black outfit is poular Halloween wear.
  6. Catwoman Costume – She’s the enduring love interest of Batman. Similar to her character in batman movies, her costume has also evolved over the years.
  7. Iron Man Costume – The popular iron clad superhero. The trademark suit he creates to initially save himself is later used to protect the world.
  8. Poison Ivy Costume – Go Green and dress up as the fatally attractive villainess from the Batman series.
  9. Wolverine Costume – The most popular member of the X-Men team makes him a great Halloween costume choice for young boys.
  10. Thor Costume – This costume looks straight out of the sets of the movie Thor. It is available in male and female versions.
  11. Batman Costume – Dress up as the dark,shady and vigilant character. You will definitely turn some heads at the party.
  12. Captain America Costume – Wear this patriotic stars and stripes costume and become the superhero whose job is to make a difference.

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